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The International Msc City Resilience Design and Management is thrilled to officially announce the launch of our new blog!

Here we are publishing posts synthesizing our classes’ main insights, further resources to read, reports of our activities, and interviews with our invited professors and experts coming from world-leading institutions in urban resilience research and practices.

This new International Master’s Degree aims to become the international reference point for introducing an innovative, newly integrated and multi-perspective approach in framing and implementing urban resilience. Here you could learn about it, since we are sharing with everybody the learning process. Indeed you could track and follow here not only classes and discussions’ synthesis, but also navigate and download the reports we produce along the year through our workshops.

We are proud of opening now the section, but will publish also reports and useful insights from last year that could not be properly disseminated. Find for instance here you can find the report we developed with the Barcelona Urban Resilience Unit and the support of the Rockefeller Foundation 100RC, on the linkages between Public Space and Resilience – an assessment Framework – and soon you’ll get the one developed with UN Habitat, CRPP, on the indicators for urban resilience.

Also, the ALUMNI of the master will publish here their works and perspectives, developed through the thesis and internship, and how these provided to them useful paths toward becoming experts in this emerging and complex field. The blog section could be your introduction to a better understanding about what urban resilience means.

Hope to see you here and do not forget to sign up on our Facebook and Instagram to stay engaged and informed.

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