This is not a Master of research, but an executive program, introducing students to work environments. This means we don’t want you to invest months in a research, toward a Ph.D., but rather learning how resilience happens on the ground, and how to work for enhancing it. 

What does it consist of?

The thesis will be a short report. The students will develop it exploring some practical resilience challenges, contributing to some city goal.

It is a 5 credits applied research, meaning no more than 3 weeks work.
Every year the thesis topics change, according to the professors and tutors involvement in consultancy activities or European projects, to which students contribute learning how to conduct applied research feeding clients needs.

Alumni Reports

In the past, ALUMNI developed in collaboration with city resilience officers and the 100RC program, some reports synthesise the evolution of cities from following a risk management approach to a resilience building one, discussing which are the challenges to frame and implement city resilience strategies.
Recently, students are working and supporting through their short thesis the European Project UP2030 (Urban Prosperity for carbon neutrality and resilience in EU 2030), or cities collaborating with the master drafting their city or regional resilience plans.

Check some of the best reports