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Resilience Talks – Lilia Yumagovula

By February 13, 2023Blog, News

The series Resilience Talks moderated by our director Lorenzo Chelleri is back on this Thursday the 16th of February with a new guest, Lilia Yumagovula, Director of the program Preparing Our Home and editor for HazNet Canada’s disaster resilience magazine. It is an honour to have her with us. Lilia will give as a talk by the title of “Urban and Regional Resilience ” and illustrate as well some key activities and flagship of the program Preparing our Home.

More on Lilia Yumagulova:  MSc (Risk analysis), PhD (Planning) is a Bashkir woman that specializes in risk management and planning for urban and regional resilience. Her interdisciplinary academic path combines engineering, social sciences, public policy, international relations and planning. With over 15 years of experience in government, NGOs, media, Indigenous communities and supranational organizations in Europe and North America, Lilia’s passion is in building community resilience to climate change and disasters. In Canada, she is the Program Director for the Preparing Our Home Program and Editor for HazNet, Canada’s disaster resilience magazine.