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Launch of the “Learnings” section, becoming an OPEN-EDUCATION Hub

By December 20, 2021December 21st, 2021Blog, News

Since the beginning, the Urban Resilience Research Network was a hub for sharing resources, peer-learning, and knowledge transfer among scholars. When we launched this master program, we wished to co-design it with our members, and create a platform for broadening and disseminating our key learnings obtained from rigorous international research.

We started this master by opening a blog section to announce which were the topics our student studied, and share some content of the classes, with some link to resources. Our final mission was something only today we’re proud to reach and announce, which is to become as much as we can a Hub for Open Education.

Thanks to the launching of the “Learnings” section , students and professors will prepare and share twice a month some long posts, explaining in detail the content of the classes, with hyperlinks to sources and a final list of further resources. This is the future of the education system: a place where students can mutually learn by meeting a variety of experts, but also learn how to share their knowledge by transferring it to the society in different ways (not just through their work, but also through online freely available content).

This section will allow anybody who is interested in urban resilience to gain knowledge about theory, methods and tools, will teach students how to disseminate their learning, and finally will provide prospective students to get all the necessary bases to apply successfully to the master in future. The master is constantly updating class content, inviting new professors and experts, so that content will always be different and fresh. Because learning is a continuous process, and we believe it should not be confined within the university walls!

Hope you enjoy our efforts to share our class contents!

Stay tuned for more news.