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From Theory to Practice

By October 28, 2022Blog, News

This week has been intense concluding module 0 on Resilience Theory hosting three different experts of the resilience world. We want to thank all three, Carla Marino, Leon Kapetas and Stelios Grafakos for their time and great insights shared among the class.

Carla showed us the urban GHG emissions from the perspective of a GHG inventory, including a section on its relevance for climate change mitigation. The “Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories” (GPC) will be used to illustrate urban GHG emissions, deepening into several aspects of its elaboration, including the definition of boundaries, the types of GHGs and the sources of emissions within the urban context.

Leon had a session on “Room for Resilience” were the presented the reality in cities today in how they promote resilience-building through their decision- making and their day-to-day operation; the needs for capacity building, cross-departmental participation and of understanding what governance for resilience looks like.

Finally Stelios introduced us the process and steps of climate change planning in cities that aim to achieve urban low carbon development objectives focusing on prioritization processes for climate change planning with particular focus on the multi criteria analysis approach.

We want to thank all of them and hope to have them soon for further collaborations.